Punk. Its traces in contemporary art


Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art: This exhibition shows how the echoes ot the punk attitude are still alive, and are a reference in contemporary art. In this exhibition, punk appears as an explicit reference in many artists; in the use of elements such as noise, cut-out typography, anti-design and the aesthetics of the ugly; or in the inclusion of explicit references to musical bands. But it also shows traces of punk as an attitude: denial, opposition and destruction; the do it yourself; the reference to fear and horror in a society that alienates individuals; the same alienation that provokes psychotic states; the fondness for anything outside the norm; nihilism; criticism of the economic system and anarchy; or the demand for sexual freedom itself, the body as a place of battle.

Curator: David G. Torres

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Macba – Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art 

CA2M – Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo Comunidad de Madrid

Artium Museum