About the organization

The mandate of the “Pesot” creative organization is to develop and support the visual arts at the administrative, structural and financial levels, as well as to help raise the profile of these arts nation-wide. A non-profit organization incorporated on September 12, 2013, “Pesot” has a five-member Board of Directors. Sébastien Pesot is the Executive and Artistic Director. The organization’s first project is entitled In a Post-World, a Post-Punk Event.

Our special position in the ecology of Canadian art—amidst artist-run centres, galleries, institutions and festivals—has resulted in a new avenue for the promotion of artists. Our business strategy is based on partnerships and outreach activities that draw non-specialized audiences to the world of art. Based in Sherbrooke, “Pesot” is an NPO incorporated under Part 3 of Quebec Companies Act. It operates in Sherbrooke (Quebec, Canada).